About Us

Today’s urban living faces many difficulties and challenges. What we do at UrbnHelp, is to provide the platform and technology, to connect users and service providers. By doing so, we help our users meet and solve those challenges while also encouraging people to become productive. Before, people rely on social connections or networks of friends to find a service provider for a particular task or job, such system is time consuming and unreliable. On most occasions, the service provider you find is either unqualified or not immediately available. Now, you can rely on UrbnHelp to help you find a reliable, qualified and trustworthy Service Provider. As the name UrbnHelp stands "your help on your daily urban living".

- Allan Malate / Co-founder


Our Goal

We aim to be the best online marketplace for local services in the Philippines. Whether you need to go to your destinations fast, safely and comfortably or needs a service provider for different tasks such as house cleaning, home maintenance and repairs, car care, package delivery or other professional services, we are your one stop destination for all your service needs.

- Jose Celestial Jr. / Co-founder


Mission and Vision

It is our mission to promote customer’s satisfaction, to promote great people and build opportunities by providing the technology and platform to our users. Our vision is to empower Filipinos by providing multiple earning opportunities and to make every day urban life easier thru the use of technology.

- Efren Palomo / Co-founder